Premium Beard Brush with Beechwood Handle

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This Premium Beard Brush comes in two types - Boar Bristles (light bristles) or Synthetic Bristles (dark bristles). The Beard Brush is designed with a contoured beechwood handle for maximum contact with your beard and scalp. This brush is larger than most, making it ideal for optimal grooming. The bristles naturally condition and improve hair texture so your beard will be well styled and look better than ever!

  • Boar bristles are renowned for providing superior conditioning and smoothing of the hair and stimulating the skin beneath -- helps to clear away beardruff.
  • Grooming with this beard brush ensures that you will achieve the style you’re after by distributing natural oils and helping your beard & hair to look its healthiest.
  • Contoured solid beechwood handle ensures maximum contact with your beard for the most efficient styling.
  • Brush dimensions are 5 in. x 2.75 in.
  • Bristle length - 2/3 in.